Arbor Tool - Clock Repair Tool

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This is a great clock repair tool. This clock repair tool enables the clock repair person to now fully service each arbor. First you can check to see if an arborĀ or pivot is bent.
If it is bent you can now straighten the arbor or even the pivots. This is a great time saver if you have ever had a clock that runs erratically.

Next it enables you to pull the clock lantern cap and service all of the lantern wires without drilling. No more unsightly soldering. Of course it is designed to press the lantern cap easily back in position.


    This is a NEW clock repair tool.

    Detects and straightens bent clock arbors and pivots.

    Pulls the clock lantern pinion caps

    Presses clock lantern pinion caps back into place.

    Anodized Aluminum construction for a long life and resists corrosion.

    Handles clock wheels up to 3 3/4" in diameter, arbors up to 6" long.

    Easy to use - Includes detailed instructions.

    Warranted for 1 year against manufacturing and materials defects.

    Made in the USA

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