Cannon Pinion Puller - Clock Repair Tool

This is one of the latest designs for clock repair. This Clock Repair Tool allows you to pull the "star cam" or "cannon gear" with ease. Accommodates most movements and without bending the hand shaft. In some cases it is helpful to remove certain levers from the front plate. Simply hook the special wires under the gear and turn the large knob and the gear pulls off.

Use our special Cannon Pinion Punches to reinstall the gear.


  • This is a NEW clock repair tool with 1-year warranty!
  • This is simply the best clock repair tool, designed to pull the cannon pinion / star cam gear off of the clock hand shaft without damage.
  • One-piece clock repair tool. No additional parts required for operation. (May require a replacement set of puller wires as they will break after many repeated uses).
  • A quality constructed, anodized aluminum clock tool with comfortable grip knob and stabilizer legs for a sure grip.
  • Works in restricted places, and will pull clock gears that have minimum clearances.
  • Puller comes complete with easy to follow instruction, wrench and replacement wire legs.
  • Use only genuine replacement wire legs.
  • Made in the USA
  • Availability: In Stock

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